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All-Time Quarterback

¡All-Time Quarterback!
bark26: All-Time Quarterback / All-Time Quarterback
bark26   CD / DIGITAL Barsuk Records   June 2002
    • Plans Get Complex
  1. Dinner At Eight In The Suburbs
  2. Cleveland
  3. Empire State
  4. Rules Broken
  5. Untitled
  6. Factory Direct
  7. Why I Cry
  8. Underwater
    • Sock Hop
  9. Send Packing

In the Spring of 1999, Death Cab for Cutie songwriter/frontman Ben Gibbard had some time on his hands and a batch of songs running around in his head that didn't seem quite right for his band. He also had a few broken keyboards scattered about, a guitar that wouldn't stay in tune, and an old four-track home-recording machine. What resulted were two charming lo-fi releases (a five-song self-titled cd and the Envelope Sessions cassette tape) on the excellent Bellingham WA scene-documenting Elsinor label under the one-off moniker All-Time Quarterback.

Ten songs from those recordings are collected here along with a previously unreleased outtake and a hilarious, strangely heartwarming video. Standouts include "Why I Cry" (a lovely Magnetic Fields cover), "Underwater" (later re-recorded by DCFC for a 2000 Sub Pop singles club 7"), and the pop gems "Plans Get Complex", "Sock Hop", and "Empire State".

All-Time Quarterback affords listeners a candid insight into one of indie rock's highest-profile talents.
Splendid E-zine


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