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Kind Of Like Spitting

Bridges Worth Burning
bark27: Kind Of Like Spitting / Bridges Worth Burning
bark27   LP / CD / DIGITAL Barsuk Records   August 2002
    • Passionate
  1. We Are Both Writers
  2. Born Beautiful
  3. He Calls Me
  4. Following Days
  5. I Want Out
  6. Canaries
  7. Tyco Racing Set And A Christmas Story Fifteen Times
  8. This Lemonade Is Terrible
  9. Crossover Potential
  10. Continent
  11. Untitled

Originally formed in 1996, KOLS has covered a lot of ground. From lo-fi Eric's Trip-inspired four track garbly gook about frontman Ben Barnett's feelings to what has essentially become in recent years, in Barnett's words, "a Wu Tang obsessed, Post punk, Stoner metal, Robot dancing jazz trio just tryin' to make its way". Ben Barnett, the core element of Kind of Like Spitting, is an astounding guitarist and songwriter, and has a punk rock heart and mind. His tours have often made stops in basements, houses, and unofficial venues, sometimes as a blistering full band but more often as singer Barnett and guitar. His work ethic, politics, and the aesthetic of his DIY influences (including Minor Threat/Fugazi, Minutemen, Descendents and the like) is audible in the music he creates. Recorded by John Goodmanson (Sleater Kinney, Team Dresch, Unwound, Wu-Tang Clan, Low), Bridges Worth Burning is the clear pinnacle of the band's body of work to date, and heralds a new era for what might be the most intriguing and original voice to come out of the mostly-stagnant indie-punk-emo scene in a very long time.

Love him or hate him, there is no denying that KOLS's very own Ben Barnett is the finest singer-songwriter to call PDX a home. With a level of proliferation that would give Bob Pollard a run for his money, Bridges is KOLS's seventh full-length, and hands-down his best work.
Portland Mercury


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