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Future Soundtrack for America
bark37:  / Future Soundtrack For America
  1. This Will Be Our Year
  2. Ain't Got So Far To Go
  3. Game Of Pricks (Bbc Evening Session)
  4. This Temporary Life
  5. I Miss You (James Guthrie Mix)
  6. Move On
  7. Jerry Falwell Destroyed Earth
  8. Off With Your Head
  9. Final Straw (Moveon Mix)
  10. Going For The Gold (Live)
  11. The Commander Thinks Aloud (Future Mix)
  12. Money
  13. Tippecanoe And Tyler Too
  14. The Ballad Of David Icke
  15. Date With The Night (Live)
  16. Everything's Ruined (Acoustic)
  17. Your Legs Grow
  18. Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots (Live On The Bbc)
  19. Northern Line
  20. Sam Stone
  21. Day After Tomorrow
  22. A Distorted Reality Is Now A Necessity To Be Free

The Future Soundtrack for America was a fundraising compilation CD featuring an amazing array of artists. It was a joint project with MoveOn.org and Music For America. (McSweeney's Publishing also released a book with similar fundraising goals that included a copy of the CD; The Future Dictionary of America features contributions from an astounding group of almost 200 writers, from Paul Auster to Michael Chabon to Jonathan Franzen to Joyce Carol Oates to Kurt Vonnegut to Wendy Wasserstein.) One hundred percent of the proceeds from the book and CD projects went to non-profit progressive organizations, including Music For America, Common Assets, The Sierra Club, and others.


No longer available.

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