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Death Cab for Cutie

bark47: Death Cab for Cutie / Plans
atl83834   CD Atlantic Records   August 2005
bark47   2XLP Barsuk Records   September 2005
  1. Marching Bands Of Manhattan
    • Soul Meets Body
  2. Summer Skin
  3. Different Names For The Same Thing
  4. I Will Follow You Into The Dark
  5. Your Heart Is An Empty Room
  6. Someday You Will Be Loved
  7. Crooked Teeth
  8. What Sarah Said
  9. Brothers On A Hotel Bed
  10. Stable Song
  11. Talking Like Turnstile (Bonus Track)

The 2005 release from Death Cab for Cutie on CD, or three sides of 180-gram vinyl, with a special bonus track on the fourth.




*VINYL* 2xLP US$24
CD US$15


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