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Free to Stay
bark53: Smoosh / Free To Stay
bark53   CD / DIGITAL Barsuk Records   June 2006
    • Find A Way
  1. I Would Go
  2. Free To Stay
  3. Rock Song
  4. Waiting For Something
  5. Clap On
  6. Glider
  7. Gold
  8. Organ Talk
  9. She's Right
  10. This Is Not What We've Become
  11. Slower Than Gold

"Seattle sister act Asya (age 14) and Chloe (age 12) keep the innocence and sweetness in indie rock, and thank goodness for that. Performing under the Smoosh moniker since 2002, the duo's 2004 debut album, She Like Electric, introduced a smart, enthusiastic, and imaginative pop sound from the tween duo. Their second album, Free To Stay, stays true to that high-spirited approach while the double-attack of Chloe's drums and Asya's keyboards make for a brighter, sugarcoated pop sound. Smoosh runs through a barrel of emotions well suited for any age, and they also remind us that rocknroll is a helluva lot of fun." (Venus)

The ages of Seattle-based sisters Asya and Chloe — that would be 14 and 12 — make Smoosh seem like a joke band. But the songs, written mostly on keyboards and drums, are 100% for real. Find a Way, Free to Stay and Gold deliver instant sunshine without being mannered or juvenile. Listen to this very good album now and expect even better things from Smoosh down the road.


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