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Jim Noir

Tower of Love
bark56: Jim Noir / Tower Of Love
bark56   CD / DIGITAL Barsuk Records   August 2006
  1. My Patch
  2. I Me You I'm Your
  3. Computer Song
  4. How To Be So Real
  5. Eanie Meany
  6. Tower Of Love
    • Key Of C
  7. Tell Me What To Do
  8. Climb A Tree
  9. Turbulent Weather
  10. A Quiet Man
  11. Eanie Meany 2
  12. The Only Way

Imagine a Wurlitzer jukebox stacked with the hits of ELO, Super Furry Animals, Pepper-era Beatles, The Beta Band, The Beach Boys, early Pink Floyd and Supertramp. Now imagine blowing that jukebox up with a cartoon-style dynamite stick and making a record from the exploded fragments of vinyl and luminescent tubing. That's a bit like what Jim Noir's debut album, Tower Of Love sounds like. *** Barsuk version has two extra tracks not on the UK version. ***

[Noir] seems to have Wilson-esque psychedelipop written into his DNA and can thus sit in his bedroom all day conjuring up masterpiece after masterpiece.
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bark73: Jim Noir / Jim Noir
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