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What Made Milwaukee Famous

Trying to Never Catch Up
bark57: What Made Milwaukee Famous / Trying To Never Catch Up
bark57   CD / DIGITAL Barsuk Records   August 2006
wmmf02   2XLP self-released   September 2019
    • Idecide
  1. Mercy, Me
  2. Hellodrama
  3. Selling Yourself Short
  4. The Jeopardy Of Contentment
  5. Almost Always Never
  6. Hopelist
  7. Judas
  8. Trying To Never Catch Up
  9. Curtains!
    • Sweet Lady
  10. Bldg. A Boat From The Boards In Your Eye

What Made Milwaukee Famous create pop that's rockin' enough to shake the rafters at your favorite venue, but would also be a perfect backdrop to a drive down the coast. It's energetic, forceful, and impassioned.

Limited edition 180-gram 2xLP 15th anniversary vinyl version available now, while supplies last!

Positively exuberant, teeming with squiggly keys, extroverted hooks, and brightly anthemic guitar, all grounded by Michael Kingcaid's mellifluous croon.




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*VINYL* 2xLP US$30
CD US$12
FLAC (download)  US$12
MP3 (download)  US$10


bark71: What Made Milwaukee Famous / What Doesn't Kill Us
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