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Death Cab for Cutie

Something About Airplanes Deluxe Edition
krang5: Death Cab for Cutie / Something About Airplanes
    DISC 1
  1. Bend To Squares
  2. President Of What?
  3. Champagne From A Paper Cup
  4. Your Bruise
  5. Pictures In An Exhibition
  6. Sleep Spent
  7. The Face That Launched 1000 Shits
  8. Amputations
  9. Fake Frowns
  10. Line Of Best Fit
  11. DISC 2
  12. Your Bruise (Live)
  13. President Of What? (Live)
  14. Fake Frowns (Live)
  15. Sweet And Tender Hooligan (Live)
  16. State Street Residential (Live)
  17. Amputations (Live)
  18. Pictures In An Exhibition (Live)

Barsuk and Death Cab for Cutie celebrate the 10th anniversary of the band's classic debut studio album with this deluxe reissue. Still considered by many fans to be DCfC's best album, but criminally unheard by many newer converts other than the handful of songs that remain staples of the band's live set ("Amputations", "Pictures in an Exhibition", "Fake Frowns"), Something About Airplanes is not just a document of a particular time in the band's history or of a bygone era of indie-rock — it's an enduring work featuring some of the band's finest songs. Includes the band's first Seattle live show on a separate disc.

Few bands have shaped cultural landscapes the way Death Cab for Cutie have, carving the form of modern indie rock from a scene of grey clouds, rolling mountains, and Ponderosa pines. Here, we get a now-classic collection of earthy and unpolished Northwest rock. The bonus disc is a fine addition, showing off the group's rougher side on songs made for rainy days and detangling one's heartstrings.

No longer available.


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