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The Dismemberment Plan

Emergency & I
bark103: The Dismemberment Plan / Emergency & I
  1. Life Of Possibilities
  2. Memory Machine
  3. What Do You Want Me To Say?
  4. Spider In The Snow
  5. The Jitters
  6. I Love A Magician
  7. You Are Invited
  8. Gyroscope
  9. The City
  10. Girl O'clock
  11. 8 1/2 Minutes
  12. Back And Forth
  13. The Dismemberment Plan Gets Rich
  14. Since You Died
  15. Just Like You
  16. The First Anniversary Of Your Last Phone Call

Since its release in '99, Emergency & I has been widely regarded as the definitive artistic statement from the beloved Washington D.C. quartet and has found its way onto many best-of lists, including the #16 spot of Pitchfork's Top 100 Albums of the 90's. Originally released on DeSoto Records, this vinyl re-issue is presented in gatefold 180-gram audiophile-grade vinyl with a giant full-color photo collage and in-depth liner notes, plus four rare bonus tracks, also never before available on high quality vinyl.


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