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Big Scary

Twin Rivers EP
bark142: Big Scary / Twin Rivers EP
bark142   DIGITAL Barsuk Records   November 2013
  1. Twin Rivers
  2. Slumming It In Paradise (Featuring Jonti)
  3. Invest
  4. Twin Rivers (The Antlers Remix)
  5. Luck Now (Menomena Remix)
  6. Twin Rivers (Dan The Automator Remix)

Features remixes by The Antlers, Menomena & Dan the Automator. BrooklynVegan premiered the The Antlers' remix of "Twin Rivers," and noted the apt pairing, highlighting both bands' "knack for delicate, layered dream pop." IndieShuffle praised Menomena's retooling of "Luck Now," saying "Sometimes remixes improve on a melody. Other times they fortify a bassline or amplify percussion. Menomena's take on "Luck Now" does all of those things and so much more." Also featured on the EP is a "Twin Rivers" remix by Dan the Automator and a collaboration with Jonti called "Slumming It In Paradise."



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