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bark157: Hibou / Hibou
bark157   CD / CASSETTE / DIGITAL Barsuk Records   September 2015
  1. Dissolve
  2. Valium
    • When The Season Ends
  3. Above Us
  4. Sunder
  5. Eleanor
  6. Glow
  7. In The Sun
  8. Hide Away
  9. Shutter Song
  10. Keeping Still

Written, recorded and played by Peter Michel at home in Seattle, Hibou's self-titled debut LP features 11 songs (including four new versions of songs from the Dunes EP) and is a lush, driving mix of '80s inspired pop, fueled by twisting reverbed-out guitar melodies, elegant arrangements, and a love of soda, summertime nostalgia, and trips to Peter's inspirational point in Seattle: the fittingly-named Discovery Park. "I've written a ton of the melodies for the band there," he says. "It's my favorite place in the world."

Shimmering dream pop that's breezy, layered and smartly executed.
Seattle Times




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