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Chris Staples

Holy Moly
bark186: Chris Staples / Holy Moly
bark186   LP / CD / DIGITAL Barsuk Records   June 2019
  1. World On Fire
    • Holy Moly
  2. Old Friend
  3. Sliver Moon
  4. Spinning Wheel
  5. Horse And Saddle
  6. Everybody Said
  7. Halfway Over
  8. River In Reverse
  9. Running Out Of Time

Chris Staples recorded Holy Moly in his garage all throughout 2018. He'd work on it for a few months, then walk away. He did this several times. Every time he came back he'd have a fresh perspective, finding that some of the songs were great and some he never wanted to hear again. He'd pick the best songs of each two month period and eventually he had a record. In the spring his neighbors started building a house next door and the noise made it impossible to record during the day. Chris started working only at night from about 10pm until 4am. On a vampire's schedule. He says he always feels more creative at night, so it worked out fine.

About his music, Chris says, "My songs are sometimes morose and deal with depressing subject matter. We all carry this darkness around and no one should feel alone in that. I want my music to connect with people on that level. Beyond that what I hope to communicate with Holy Moly is that a human life is full of possibility. There is so much goodness that you can will into existence. I feel like people are resigned to a type of inevitable hopelessness in our culture. Why rule out the possibility that things can get better?"

Chris Staples is a gifted storyteller who reveals life's greatest mysteries in humanity's smallest moments.




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