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Death Cab for Cutie

The Georgia EP
bark198: Death Cab for Cutie / The Georgia EP
  1. Waterfalls (TLC cover)
  2. King of Carrot Flowers Pt. 1 (Neutral Milk Hotel cover)
  3. Fall On Me (R.E.M. cover)
  4. Flirted With You All My Life (Vic Chesnutt cover)
  5. Metal Heart (Cat Power cover)

Limited edition peach colored 180-gram vinyl produced in celebration of the January 2021 Georgia runoff election results.

This is the same E.P. Death Cab for Cutie released in December 2020 for one day only on Bandcamp to raise over $100,000 for the amazing Georgia-based voter rights organization Fair Fight Action. The fundraiser has now ended; huge thanks to everyone who contributed!

Produced, engineered and recorded by DCFC at home, November 16-19th, 2020. Mixed by Martin Cooke, November 20-25th, 2020. Mastered by Ed Brooks at Resonant Mastering, Seattle, WA on Thanksgiving, 2020. Cover art by Zack Bolotin (zackbolotin.com). Management: Brilliant Corners Artist Management
This E.P. is dedicated to Stacey Abrams and all the hardworking people at Fair Fight.


No longer available.


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