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Death Cab for Cutie

Live 2012 (Featuring Magik*Magik Orchestra)
bark144: Death Cab for Cutie / Live 2012 (Featuring Magik*Magik Orchestra)
  1. Magik Overture
  2. Passenger Seat
  3. Different Names For The Same Thing
  4. A Movie Script Ending
  5. Stay Young, Go Dancing
  6. Codes And Keys
  7. What Sarah Said
  8. Bend To Squares
  9. Hindsight
  10. Little Fury Bugs
  11. No Joy In Mudville
  12. Grapevine Fires
  13. Underneath The Sycamore
  14. I Will Follow You Into The Dark
  15. Tiny Vessels
  16. Transatlanticism

This LP can be purchased only at record stores as part of Record Store Day 2014.

Available exclusively on 180-gram double vinyl, with a download code for high-quality MP3s, this pressing is limited to 4,000 copies worldwide and will be part of Record Store Day 2014, the annual celebration of independent record stores, on Saturday, April 19th.

Live 2012 documents the band's 2012 tour with the Magik*Magik Orchestra, a one-of-a-kind spring trek through intimate venues and historic theaters in North America. The collaboration resulted in brilliant reinterpretations and wonderfully lush orchestrations of songs from across the entire Death Cab catalog, from their early Barsuk releases to their latest Atlantic Records full-length Codes and Keys. The band previously collaborated with the Magik*Magik Orchestra (who have also worked with artists such as Mike Patton, John Vanderslice, The Walkmen and The Dodos) on their VH1 Storytellers appearance.


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