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Nada Surf

Founded in 1992, Nada Surf (Matthew Caws, Daniel Lorca, Ira Elliot, and their longtime friend and collaborator, Louie Lino) has only grown more creative and resourceful as time has marched on, each consecutive release notable for the quality of its craft as well as Caws' ongoing growth as both songwriter and human being. 2018 saw the New York City-based band celebrating the 15th anniversary of their seminal Barsuk Records debut album, Let Go. In addition, Nada Surf recently marked the 20th anniversary of 1999's North 6th Street, a long-unavailable collection of early demos recorded upon the band's initial formation, by making it available on digital services for the first time. Never Not Together follows 2016's acclaimed eighth studio recording, You Know Who You Are, and live album, Peaceful Ghosts (recorded alongside Vienna's ORF Radio Symphony Orchestra and Potsdam's renowned Deutsches Filmorchester Babelsberg).



bark191: Nada Surf / Never Not Together
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bark161: Nada Surf / You Know Who You Are
  • Believe You're Mine
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upcoming shows

6 Jul  

Aix-les-bains FRANCE  @ Musilac 2022 

9 Jul  

Aflenz AUSTRIA  @ Sublime Club 

10 Jul  

Regensburg GERMANY  @ Airport Eventhall 

11 Jul  

Linz AUSTRIA  @ Posthof 

12 Jul  

Salzburg AUSTRIA  @ Rockhouse 

13 Jul  

Dornbirn AUSTRIA  @ Conrad Sohm 

15 Jul  

Sitterdorf AUSTRIA  @ Acoustic Lakeside Venue 

27 Jul  

Wellfleet MA  @ Beachcomber in Wellfleet 

28 Jul  

Hamden CT  @ Space Ballroom 

29 Jul  

Asbury Park NJ  @ Asbury Lanes 

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