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Josh Carter and Sarah Barthel have been crafting their own blend of genre-bending music since coming out of nowhere with their debut in 2010. The longtime friends first formed the project that became Phantogram in the small village of Greenwich in upstate New York, and quickly drew attention for their innovative melding of electronic, melodic indie rock with hip-hop beats & samples.

And things just kept going from there. They've been sampled by the likes of A$AP Rocky and Kanye West. They've collaborated with a diverse group of artists across the music spectrum, including The Flaming Lips, Miley Cyrus, Tom Morello, A-Trak, Future Islands, Run the Jewels, Charli XCX, and Big Boi. They've worked for years to raise money for mental health programs and to encourage suicide-prevention awareness. All the while, they've released a series of incomparable albums and toured the world, becoming one of the best live bands around, headlining festivals, and continuing to push their music in new directions.

Limited quantity of Phantogram's "Nightlife" EP on BLACK SMOKE VINYL

In celebration of Nightlife's 10th anniversary, we have a limited quantity of a new black smoke vinyl pressing of Phantogram's 2011 follow-up EP to their Barsuk debut, Eyelid Movies. Get your copy of Nightlife here before they're all gone! 02 Nov 2021



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bark123: Phantogram / Nightlife
  • Don't Move
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upcoming shows

9 Oct  

Sonoma CA  @ Sonoma Harvest Music Festival 

12 Oct  

Morrison CO  @ Red Rocks

2 Nov  

Las Vegas NV  @ Brooklyn Bowl 

4 Nov  

Anaheim CA  @ House of Blues 

5 Nov  

San Diego CA  @ Dia De Los Deftones 

6 Nov  

Tucson AZ  @ Rialto Theatre 

7 Nov  

Albuquerque NM  @ Sunshine Theater 

9 Nov  

Salt Lake City UT  @ The Union 

11 Nov  

Boise ID  @ Knitting Factory 

12 Nov  

Spokane WA  @ Knitting Factory 

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