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What Made Milwaukee Famous

What Made Milwaukee Famous may unashamedly wear their pop on their sleeves, but that new-wave sheen is stretched taut over a muscular frame of sweaty rock. Milwaukee's energetic, forceful, and impassioned music feels immediately familiar. Michael Kingcaid's laid-back vocals swoon and swagger in and out of the band's rolling melodies, and although sonically polished the music maintains just enough rough edges to keep things interesting.

When the time came to cut a new record, Milwaukee holed up in an Austin studio with producer Chris Michaels (Chris plays in Sparklehorse) to make their first album helmed by a non-band member. Having an objective, outside set of ears paid off, and with they've managed to make a record that pulls together the band's disparate influences and from start to finish stands as a singular piece of art. What Made Milwaukee Famous trade in a genre full of archetypes, and with a practiced hand they deftly weave sentimentality, a reflective, wry wit, and an ear for the timeless into a sonic basket carrying the best of indie rock, 70's power pop, and modern rock radio.



bark71: What Made Milwaukee Famous / What Doesn't Kill Us
  • Resistance St.
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bark57: What Made Milwaukee Famous / Trying To Never Catch Up
  • Idecide
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