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Yellow Ostrich

What's a man? I'm just as soft as I can be

Soft is the gorgeous new LP from Yellow Ostrich. It takes its name from the lyric that stands as a thesis for the entire album, a beautiful and haunting rumination on the pitfalls and pressures of traditional masculinity and on band founder Alex Schaaf's drive toward vulnerability and tenderness as core tenets of his being.

The album's ten tracks represent the first new music in seven years to be released by Schaaf under the Yellow Ostrich moniker, since he paused the project to explore new musical identities on a handful of excellent self-released albums (from which much of the best music is included on the stellar compilation Like A Bird: An Alex Schaaf Anthology 2010-2021).

Yellow Ostrich returns with Soft, new video “Julia”

We're excited to announce Soft, the new album from Yellow Ostrich out April 23rd, and today the band has released a new video for the song "Julia".

"Julia" features Schaaf's crystal-clear vocal melodies as he analyzes the ongoing struggle against an ever-present 'separator' antagonist determined to make maintaining human relationships challenging. The song is the first single from Soft, and also appears on the stellar Like a Bird: An Alex Schaaf Anthology (2010-2021) available digitally tomorrow, March 26th. 25 Mar 2021


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