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This Busy Monster

Like Icicles
krang4: This Busy Monster / Like Icicles
krang4   CD / DIGITAL Barsuk Records   August 1998
  1. Hungry & Free
  2. Clockroute
    • Hoops & Hollows
  3. Song 69
  4. Hungry & Numbered
  5. Interlude
    • 3d'd
  6. The F Word
  7. Roller Coaster
  8. Steaming Under Gazes
    • Stone Wall
  9. Broken Bottle

"With discordant guitars and uneven and unpredictable rhythms, the debut CD from Seattle's This Busy Monster, Like Icicles, is undoubtedly this year's most bizarre local offering at the pop throne. By systematically and maniacally incorporating a huge range of influences (and by huge range, I do mean huge range), This Busy Monster have built a weird musical collage. There's a little bit of Built to Spill-style psychedelia, some indie-rock balladry and even Primus-style funk. It sounds like an improbable combination, but somehow This Busy Monster make it sound as natural as the five notes at the core of Beethoven's Ninth." (The Rocket)



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