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bark34: Aveo / Battery
bark34   CD / DIGITAL Barsuk Records   March 2004
  1. Newton And Galileo
    • Dust That Dreams Of Brooms
  2. Awkward At The Knees
    • The Idiot On The Bike
  3. Desert And The Great Divorce
  4. Haley
  5. Hypochondria Is Spreading
    • Frostbitten
  6. Fistfights With Mr. G
  7. 3:33 A.M. / The Insomnia Waltz

An elegant blend of hope and devastation, a lush terrain of unconventional chord structures, stylish vocal melodies, and chiming guitars, a treasure-trove of subtle lyricism. "Aveo are jaw-droppers who have you stunned from the moment they strum the first note. They're going to be something special." (The Stranger)

Only can bittersweet pop moments equal the sheer pop splendor that is Aveo's Battery.


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CD US$12
FLAC (download)  US$12
MP3 (download)  US$10

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