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Bridge to the Northern Lights
tide001: Aveo / Bridge To The Northern Lights
tide001   CD Red Tide Records   July 2001
  1. Laughter Leaves You
  2. To The End Of This Dull Continent
  3. Bridge To The Northern Lights
  4. Magnetic Halos
  5. Neverhome
  6. Escape Artist Melody
  7. Higherness
  8. Tomorrow Today
  9. Collapsing Plateaus Notes For A Future Archeologist

"It's a gorgeous affair; steady tempos propel the melancholy instrumentation and allow for an oddly evocative juxtaposition with moody, metered lyrics. Guitar notes resound with the just-barely vintage sound of an effects pedal set to Sad Chorus, and in each corner hides a cleverly scaled lyrical map. " (Seattle Weekly).

For more information, please visit Aveo's website: www.aveomusic.com.



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CD US$12


bark34: Aveo / Battery
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