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Pistols at Dawn
bark40: Aqueduct / Pistols At Dawn
bark40   CD-EP / DIGITAL Barsuk Records   October 2004
    • Hardcore Days & Softcore Nights
  1. Dinner Mints
  2. As Close As Your Girlfriend Is Far Away
  3. Tension (Piano Verite)
  4. Who Wanna Rock?

This 5-song CD-EP, Pistols At Dawn, is an excellent introduction to the smart, wry, bedroom pop of David Terry, mad genius behind Aqueduct. These five songs are full of drum machines, pianos, keyboards, and a great sense of humor, not to mention the catchy beats and melodies — it's no wonder Aqueduct has been praised by a number of respected musicians, including the Flaming Lips, Modest Mouse, and Death Cab's Ben Gibbard. "Satirical without being too clever for its own good, catchy without layering on extra cheese, smart-alecky without a sense of arrogance, Aqueduct is a treasure." (Exclaim!)

Like both the Starlight Mints and the Postal Service, Seattle-based duo Aqueduct turn an indie-rock foundation into an electronic expedition that launches the band into new realms of stargazing dream pop.


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