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Or Give Me Death
bark63: Aqueduct / Or Give Me Death
bark63   CD / DIGITAL Barsuk Records   February 2007
  1. Lying In The Bed I've Made
    • Living A Lie
  2. Broken Records
  3. Keep It Together
  4. Just The Way I Are
  5. Unavailable
  6. Split The Difference
    • As You Wish
  7. Zero The Controls
  8. Wasted Energy
  9. You'll Get Yours
  10. With Friends Like These

David Terry's love of the pop hook has only gotten stronger with time. Unlike Solid Gold's huge, blown-out drum sounds and blip-pop synths, Or Give Me Death finds Terry broadening his tonal horizons to encompass mariachi horns, Gershwin-esque strings, looped and layered vocals, and grand piano. Oh and there's also quite a lot more electric guitar.

Between the wonderfully frustrated "Living a Lie," the heavily horned "Split the Difference," and the demanding "Broken Records" (which sounds like a grown-up version of one of Reggie & the Full Effect's bittersweet anthems, actually) the Aqueduct on Or Give Me Death is louder, thicker, and even more relentlessly catchy than any previous incarnation. While Aqueduct's 2005 release, I Sold Gold (also on Barsuk), may have made him adored within Seattle's music community as that quirky little pop act with that song about Guns N' Roses, Or Give Me Death will interest both current fans as well as those with a palate for something a little less saccharine, a little more bitter, and with more staying power.




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