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Viva Voce

Get Yr Blood Sucked Out
bark58: Viva Voce / Get Yr Blood Sucked Out
bark58   CD / DIGITAL Barsuk Records   September 2006
  1. Believer
    • When Planets Collide
  2. From The Devil Himself
  3. Drown Them Out
  4. Bill Bixby (Interlude)
  5. So Many Miles
    • We Do Not Fuck Around
  6. Faster Than A Dead Horse
  7. Special Thing
  8. Never Be Like Yesterday
  9. Helicopter
  10. How To Nurse A Bruised Ego Back To Health

Get Yr Blood Sucked Out is a markedly dark and sultry record, epic in scope and anything but simple in formulation. Anita's rock-god(dess) guitar excursions (she says she hopes this record makes people enjoy guitars again) and Kevin's thunderous drumming combine in an intense, empowering album. Get Yr Blood Sucked Out sums up the struggle to keep things innocent and pure in a world full of vampires waiting to suck the life out of you.

If 2004's The Heat Can Melt Your Brain is, as critics suggested, a shoegazey take on lo-fi indie pop, then Get Yr Blood Sucked Out is Abbey Road as co-produced by Alan Parsons and Phil Spector. Yet the record's larger-than-life sound was achieved not in a big facility with a name producer, but at home on the Robinsons' porta-studio. Who needs budgets when instincts (and ears) are this keen? On From The Devil Himself as a backwards guitar snakes through the mix, the duo harmonizes with evil, lip-smacking glee, "You were sent from the devil himself to me/And I'll see you in hell before we're through/You're gonna get your blood sucked out!" Meanwhile, this astonishing album is busily sucking the oxygen out of the room.




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