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Viva Voce

From The Devil Himself

From the album:

bark58: Viva Voce / Get Yr Blood Sucked Out
  • When Planets Collide
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If 2004's The Heat Can Melt Your Brain is, as critics suggested, a shoegazey take on lo-fi indie pop, then Get Yr Blood Sucked Out is Abbey Road as co-produced by Alan Parsons and Phil Spector. Yet the record's larger-than-life sound was achieved not in a big facility with a name producer, but at home on the Robinsons' porta-studio. Who needs budgets when instincts (and ears) are this keen? On From The Devil Himself as a backwards guitar snakes through the mix, the duo harmonizes with evil, lip-smacking glee, "You were sent from the devil himself to me/And I'll see you in hell before we're through/You're gonna get your blood sucked out!" Meanwhile, this astonishing album is busily sucking the oxygen out of the room. Magnet