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Say Hi

Oohs & Aahs
bark80: Say Hi / Oohs & Aahs
  1. Elouise
  2. Hallie And Henry
    • Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh
  3. November Was White, December Was Grey
  4. Dramatic Irony
  5. Maurine
  6. One, Two ... One
  7. Audrey
  8. The Stars Just Blink For Us
  9. Sallie's Heart Is Stone

Clever and charming new album from Eric Elbogen, available on CD and LP. The 180-gram vinyl version also contains a single-use download code for high-quality (320kbps) MP3s, with one bonus MP3 (for a demo version of "Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh").

Filled with smart and charismatic songs.
Under The Radar



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