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Say Hi

Um, Uh Oh
bark108: Say Hi / Um, Uh Oh
bark108   LP Barsuk Records   January 2011
    • Dots On Maps
  1. Devils
  2. All The Pretty Ones
  3. Take Ya' Dancin'
  4. Posture, Etc.
  5. Sister Needs A Settle
  6. Lookin' Good
  7. My, How It Comes
  8. Shiny Diamonds
  9. Handsome Babies
  10. Trees Are A Swayin'
  11. Bruises To Prove It

Um, Uh Oh is Say Hi's best album to date. It's weary and blue-noted, revealing, personal and pained and there's expressiveness in the performances absent from previous releases. In fact, it's difficult to fathom that the same songwriter that once wrote the sugary frivolity of the early Say Hi material could have written such a mature collection of songs. If you've been a fan in the past, you're going to feel that Um, Uh Oh is a large step in the evolution of the band. If you haven't, this is the record that's going to change your mind.

With Um, Uh Oh Eric Elbogen delivers his finest, most unified album. It's a tasteful, understated collection that contains some startling and truly beautiful moments. This time around Say Hi's thematic reference points tend toward Springsteen and Waits. There is a dark, often tender quality that addresses complex, emotional topics while largely sidestepping sentimentality.
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