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Starlight Mints

Change Remains
bark89: Starlight Mints / Change Remains
bark89   CD / DIGITAL Barsuk Records   July 2009
grr01   LP Guestroom Records   July 2009
  1. Coffins 'r' Us
  2. Natural
    • Paralyzed
  3. Zoomba
  4. Black Champagne
  5. Power Bleed
  6. Gazeretti
  7. Sesame (Untie The Wrath)
  8. Snorkel With A Turtle
  9. 40 Fingers

Norman, Oklahoma psych-pop pranksters Starlight Mints are back with their album, Change Remains, ten tracks of inspired uniqueness.

The Oklahoma-based rock group excels at immaculately crafted songs, but also keeps a truckload of tinsel, chimes and other sparkly trimmings in tow at all times, designing entire houses of sound and then decorating them to the nines.




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CD US$12
FLAC (download)  US$12
MP3 (download)  US$10


bark51: Starlight Mints / Drowaton
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