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Ra Ra Riot

The Orchard
bark106: Ra Ra Riot / The Orchard
bark106   LP / CD+DVD / DIGITAL Barsuk Records   August 2010
  1. The Orchard
    • Boy
  2. Too Dramatic
  3. Foolish
  4. Massachusetts
  5. You And I Know
  6. Shadowcasting
  7. Do You Remember
  8. Kansai
  9. Keep It Quiet

After spending much of the summer and fall of 2009 alternately touring the US with Death Cab for Cutie, headlining their own packed shows, and retreating to a country property in upstate New York to write and record, Ra Ra Riot have announced this summer's upcoming arrival of their new album The Orchard. It's an incredibly self-assured step for the band, delivering both hook-laden pop jams like "Boy" and the new-but-familiar-to-live-audiences "Too Dramatic" and ruminative slow-burns like the Anton Chekov/Kate Bush-inspired "The Orchard" and album-closer "Keep It Quiet."

Deluxe CD+DVD version available while supplies last!




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***VINYL*** LP+MP3 US$21
FLAC (download)  US$12
MP3 (download)  US$10


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