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Laura Gibson

La Grande
bark121: Laura Gibson / La Grande
bark121   CD / DIGITAL Barsuk Records   January 2012
jb096   LP Jealous Butcher   January 2012
    • La Grande
  1. Milk-Heavy, Pollen-Eyed
  2. Lion/Lamb
  3. Skin, Warming Skin
  4. The Rushing Dark
  5. Red Moon
  6. Crow/Swallow
  7. The Fire
  8. Time Is Not
  9. Feather Lungs

La Grande (pronounced in the way of the American West, without any hint of French inflection — "luh grand") is a town just east of the Wallowa Valley in northeastern Oregon where native Oregonian Laura Gibson found inspiration while writing the songs that would become her new album of the same name. Gibson describes La Grande as a place that "people usually pass through on their way to somewhere else, but which contains a certain gravity, a curious energy." She's done more than her own fair share of traveling, playing over 200 shows in North America, Europe and Asia since the release of 2009's acclaimed Beasts of Seasons (Hush Records), and La Grande is, in part, an album about journeys and transitions.

La Grande finds Gibson shedding some of her characteristic simplicity, spreading her wings, and trying a few new musical styles on for size in the process. [7.4]




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