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Laura Gibson

bark178: Laura Gibson / Goners
bark178   CD / DIGITAL Barsuk Records   October 2018
  1. I Carry Water
  2. Domestication
  3. Slow Joke Grin
  4. Goners
  5. Performers
  6. Clemency
    • Tenderness
  7. Marjory
  8. Thomas
  9. I Don't Want Your Voice To Move Me

Goners, the fifth album from acclaimed singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Laura Gibson, is Gibson's best, and also her strangest. There are hauntings and transformation, odd birds and harbingers. Women become wolves, men metamorphose into machines, ghost-children wave in the rearview mirror, a scar becomes a vessel for memory. Her lyrics are populated with sharp objects: a needle, a thistle, a sickle, a scythe, claws and animal teeth. "I wanted the songs to feel like fables, to unfold with dream logic." Goners is a record for thinkers and feelers, for the fierce and also the weary, and despite its darkness, Gibson has succeeded in making a work of radical hope.

Laura Gibson has grown louder, bolder and occasionally weirder in songs that can thunder ominously... 'Goners' is her most adventurous yet.
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