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Yellow Ostrich

Ghost EP
bark133: Yellow Ostrich / Ghost Ep
bark133   DIGITAL Barsuk Records   October 2012
  1. Ghost
  2. Here Today
  3. Won't Fade Away
  4. Chills
  5. Usa
  6. Already Gone

Limited-edition 6-song EP, available only through mailorder and at the band's shows. The image on the cover is an original painting by New York-based artist Graham Parks. Parks painted this image on a canvas comprised of 100 blank record sleeves; the band's website has 100 limited-edition copies of the EP packaged in pieces of the painting. A video of Parks painting the cover, accompanied by EP song samples, can be viewed here.



Orders may take 3-7 days to be processed and shipped.
Pre-orders (along with other physical items purchased with them) will be held and shipped close to the stated release date. We appreciate your patience.

FLAC (download)  US$8
MP3 (download)  US$6


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