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Nada Surf

bark151: Nada Surf / B-Sides
bark151   DIGITAL Barsuk Records   September 2014
  1. No Quick Fix
  2. From The Rooftop Down
  3. Fools
  4. Concrete Bed Original
  5. Au Fond Du RêVe Doré
  6. Whose Authority (Acoustic)
  7. I Like What You Say (Acoustic)
  8. I Wanna Take You Home
  9. Everyone's On Tour
  10. Je T'attendais
  11. The Future (Acoustic)
  12. Looking Through (Acoustic)
  13. When I Was Young (Acoustic)
  14. Waiting For Something (Acoustic)
  15. Clear Eye Clouded Mind (Acoustic)

A compilation of digital rarities, which includes tracks that had previously only been available on limited-edition CDs, including a few excellent covers and tracks that were previously unreleased in the US.



Due to reports of ongoing postal slowness in some areas and the usual seasonal delays, we cannot guarantee shipments will be delivered by December 24 for US orders placed after December 4, or for any international orders placed after November 20. Our warehouse will be closed from December 16 through January 3. We appreciate your patience.

FLAC (download)  US$11
MP3 (download)  US$9


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