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Ra Ra Riot

The Orchard (10th Anniversary Edition)
bark196: Ra Ra Riot / The Orchard (10th Anniversary Edition)
  1. The Orchard
  2. Boy
  3. Too Dramatic
  4. Foolish
  5. Massachusetts
  6. You And I Know
  7. Shadowcasting
  8. Do You Remember
  9. Kansai
  10. Keep It Quiet
  11. Boy (Rac Mix)
  12. Too Dramatic (Alternate Version)
  13. Too Dramatic (Anamanaguchi Remix)
  14. Keep It Quiet (Bear)
  15. Keep It Quiet (Gop)
  16. Megafauna
  17. Saccharin And The War (Sparks Cover)

"The Orchard was a special album for us," Mathieu Santos explains, "And, in a lot of ways, a quintessential sophomore outing. Buoyed and emboldened by the relative success of our debut, The Rhumb Line, and the experience we'd gained making it, we (along with our trusted front-of-house engineer and coproducer Andrew Maury) decided to forego the guidance of an outside producer and elected instead to do everything ourselves. The result was, for better or for worse, a much more unfiltered and idiosyncratic effort: at times exuberant and self-assured; at others, overly dense and haltingly selfconscious. Now, with ten years having somehow passed since its release, its story is still unfolding, bearing new fruit in these strange, gnarled fields we once sowed. If a debut record is the sound of a band becoming, The Orchard is the sound of that band wrestling with its own newfound identity: trying to embrace it, refine it, understand it, subvert it." Santos continues. "In some ways, we emerged stronger, nursing new scars, a testament to the growing pains we all must endure."


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