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Charly Bliss

Guppy: Issue One
bark171: Charly Bliss / Guppy: Issue One
  1. Golden Age
  2. Special

Now you too can experience one of the year's most critically acclaimed albums ... in comic book form! Barsuk Records and Charly Bliss are pleased to present Guppy: Issue One, a limited-edition 16-page full-color comic that's a companion piece to Charly Bliss' debut album Guppy. Not only does this comic include artwork by noted indie comic book artists Sadie DuPuis (of Speedy Ortiz), Michael DeForge, and cover art by Noah Van Sciver (amongst others) but it also includes a flexi-disc with two previously unreleased tracks from the Guppy sessions, "Golden Age" and "Special", along with a download code for digital enjoyment. The comic book is limited to 500 worldwide and each are hand numbered.


Out of stock — all gone!


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