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Ra Ra Riot

Can You Tell
bark84: Ra Ra Riot / Can You Tell
bark84   CD-SINGLE / DIGITAL Barsuk Records   March 2009
  1. Can You Tell (Single Version)
  2. Run My Mouth (Rac Mix)
  3. Dying Is Fine (Tom Campesinos Mix)
  4. A Manner To Act (Live At Daytrotter)
  5. Can You Tell (2006 Demo)
  6. Ghost Under Rocks (Passion Pit Mix)

Five-song cd-single featuring album track, "Can You Tell", two remix tracks, a live track, a demo, and the bonus video The Rhumb Line Live Attic Sessions, Syracuse, NY. Now available digitally from iTunes with one extra track!



As we get accustomed to operating our new mailorder warehouse, we expect that orders may not ship until the first 2-3 days of June. Pre-orders (along with other physical items purchased with them) will be held and shipped close to the stated release date. We appreciate your patience.

FLAC (download)  US$8
MP3 (download)  US$6


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