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Sunset Valley

Tropic of Candycorn
bark145: Sunset Valley / Tropic Of Candycorn
    DISC 1
  1. Skylab Love Scene
  2. Blanketville
  3. Coral Man
  4. Shanghai Shelly
  5. Super Girl
  6. Met My Mako
  7. Red Room Rocket Ride
  8. Statue Robot
  9. Red Thai Sunday
  10. Neptune Pools
  11. California Now
  12. DISC 2
  13. I Got Fair
  14. Megapills
  15. Tornado
  16. Happily Frozen
  17. City Of Bees
  18. Heatwave One
  19. Doll Eating Man
  20. Fairy Theory
  21. Solid Goldmine
  22. Jackass Crusher
  23. Doll Hill
  24. DISC 3
  25. Say Ow
  26. Ironmen
  27. Fall Fly
  28. Wired Nights
  29. Blackberry Bushes
  30. Help Me Babe
  31. Misery Jet
  32. Nico Ride
  33. Touch You
  34. Joseph Blow
  35. Icepond
  36. Parade On My Rain
  37. Janey O'
  38. Matinee Idol
  39. Nautilus Sun
  40. DISC 4
  41. G.B.78.S.
  42. Grubby Cartoon Hands
  43. Pull The Trig
  44. Candy Stairs
  45. Blow Up
  46. Moss
  47. Mr. Extreme Jeans
  48. Ancient Mome
  49. I'm A Bull
  50. Deadhorse Waterloo
  51. Pet Your Head
  52. Gaze My Shoes
  53. DISC 5
  54. Automatic
  55. Creampuff Desert
  56. Fish Are Bones
  57. Porpoise Song
  58. Smallest Man
  59. Suicide Shaky
  60. Tropic Of Candycorn
  61. Neptune's Pools (Cassette Version)
  62. Red Thai Sunday (Cassette Version)
  63. Si's And Sg's
  64. Skylab Love Scene (Cassette Version)
  65. Slugz
  66. Tornado (Cassette Version)

"I was first introduced to Sunset Valley when I moved to Seattle in 1993. I was dumbfounded at how great they were. They were the ones that got away, an undiscovered treasure of the Pacific Northwest." - Peter Buck, R.E.M.

"In the very early days of Grandaddy I found myself looking for likeminded bands, albums, peers... Sunset Valley was on that short list... I found myself studying their albums, their songs, their sound." - Jason Lytle, Grandaddy

"Herman is a wizard with the tasty jams. I want to capture him like a butterfly and study the secrets of his rocket sauce." - Jack Black

"They were from Portland, which seemed exotic. Aaron Huffman of Harvey Danger played a cassette dub of Jackass Crusher over and over in his car, and we marveled at it — so heavy and poppy and weirdly stoned. On the way back from SXSW in 2001, their as-yet-unreleased Barsuk debut, Icepond, was in constant rotation in the van. I was so obsessed with it, I actually called them and asked if I could be in the band. They demurred. It's still my favorite record from that time." - John Roderick, The Long Winters

While the cult status of Sunset Valley has grown over the years, their catalog has sadly been mostly unavailable digitally and generally out-of-print physically for years. Barsuk is excited to release Tropic of Candycorn. This five-volume digital anthology includes the band's entire catalog — The New Speed (1997), Boyscout Superhero (1998), Icepond (2001) and Goldbank 78 Stack (2003), as well as a volume of unreleased tracks, various singles and compilation tracks — to remedy this crime against indie rock.




bark20: Sunset Valley / Icepond
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