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Sunset Valley

Goldbank 78 Stack
sv001: Sunset Valley / Goldbank 78 Stack
sv001   CD Sunset Valley   April 2004
  1. G.B.78.S.
  2. Grubby Cartoon Hands
  3. Pull The Trig
  4. Candy Stairs
  5. Blow Up
  6. Moss
  7. Mr. Extreme Jeans
  8. Ancient Mome
  9. I'm A Bull
  10. Deadhorse Waterloo
  11. Pet Your Head
  12. Gaze My Shoes

The newest amazing collection of power-pop songs from the slightly twisted minds of Sunset Valley. Visit their website for more information: www.sunsetvalley.net.



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CD US$12


bark20: Sunset Valley / Icepond
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