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David Bazan

Curse Your Branches
bark83: David Bazan / Curse Your Branches
bark83   LP / CD / DIGITAL Barsuk Records   August 2009
  1. Hard To Be
    • Bless This Mess
  2. Please, Baby, Please
  3. Curse Your Branches
  4. Harmless Sparks
  5. When We Fell
  6. Lost My Shape
  7. Bearing Witness
  8. Heavy Breath
  9. In Stitches

It would be easy to understand, if you're only somewhat familiar with David Bazan's musical, theological, and philosophical backstory, why you might be tempted to shrug Curse Your Branches off either as another record by some Christian indie rocker, or as a declaration of atheism by some former Christian indie rocker.

Here is our request: Please do not do that.

Both of those dismissals are inaccurate, and neither gives any indication of the depth and breadth of Bazan's work. He's not an evangelist or a prodigal son, or any other cartoon character from the ecumenical funny papers. He's a songwriter, whose melodies and instrumental figures are every bit as eloquent as his lyrics. He is, we believe, a major talent who has already spent more than enough time in his successful career struggling to unshackle himself from the ideological expectations of his audience. More to the point, Curse Your Branches is his masterpiece — a beautiful, passionate, profoundly courageous work of art that deserves and will reward your close attention. It is a deeply personal, frankly autobiographical dispatch from the front lines of a crisis of faith. Song after song peers deep into the abyss of insoluble mysteries and comes up with something far more useful than answers.

His identity crisis, drinking binges and family tensions are chronicled in chunky, rootsy rockers that can be stately or foot-stomping - and can, perhaps, offer some resolution.
New York Times


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