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David Bazan

Live at Electrical Audio
bazan01: David Bazan / Live At Electrical Audio
bazan01   CD self-released   April 2010
  1. I Do
  2. How I Remember
  3. When We Fell
  4. Magazine
  5. I Never Wanted You
  6. Cold Beer & Cigarettes
  7. Heavy Breath
  8. Keep Swinging
  9. Fewer Broken Pieces
  10. In Stitches

Recorded live in the studio at Electrical Audio in Chicago, IL on October 28, 2009.

During their first tour together, Bazan and his band spent a day in Studio A at Electrical Audio in Chicago. The band set up and played live with no overdubs over the next 12 hours. The tracks were sent to Bazan's long time collaborator and former Pedro The Lion bandmate, TW Walsh for mixing and mastering.



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CD US$10


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