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David Bazan

Strange Negotiations
bark113: David Bazan / Strange Negotiations
bark113   CD / DIGITAL Barsuk Records   May 2011
    • Wolves At The Door
  1. Level With Yourself
  2. Future Past
  3. People
  4. Virginia
  5. Eating Paper
  6. Messes
  7. Don't Change
  8. Strange Negotiations
  9. Won't Let Go

While David Bazan's previous album was intensely personal, Strange Negotiations focuses his energies toward the external, centering on his disappointment in the current state of accelerating American and global social fragmentation. It is the first full-length Bazan has recorded with a band — the same band with which he toured relentlessly in support of Curse Your Branches — and the joy that he, Andy Fitts (bass), and Alex Westcoat (drums) take in playing these songs is beautiful.

One of the most nakedly confessional writers since the Laurel Canyon heyday of Jackson Browne and Joni Mitchell, and he rocks a lot harder than both. Strange Negotiations is a messy album chronicling a messy life… superbly illuminated by wry observations, stellar writing, and raw rock ‘n’ roll.
Paste Magazine


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