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Active Bird Community

Stick Around
abc01: Active Bird Community / Stick Around
abc01   LP self-released   January 2017
  1. Qb Sneak
  2. Rest Stop
  3. Newbie
  4. Out From Under
  5. Drank The Water
  6. Dead Legs
  7. Melancholy Paper Drum
  8. Home
  9. Stick Around

The third album from Brooklyn's Active Bird Community is a scrappy punk slugfest rife with immediate post-college struggles. This might seem typical for the basement and DIY scene, but take this into consideration: ABC's four members have been playing together since they were 11 years old — as in, just-starting-middle-school eleven. Dating back to 2005, they've grown up, graduated high school, and graduated college, all within the confines of a rock band self-releasing its own music. - Billboard

"We wrote Stick Around during our senior year of college, that moment right before you enter the 'real world,'" says guitarist-vocalist Tom D'Agustino. "I think that time is emotional for everyone who is about to graduate, but I think for us, childhood friends who had been making music since we were 11, this was like the last moment for us to say everything we wanted and needed to say."



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