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MK Ultra

Mk Ultra
artichoke000001: MK Ultra / Mk Ultra
artichoke000001   CD Tiny Telephone   January 1993
  1. John Dean
  2. Death's Superstar
  3. The Sick Rose
  4. Far From The Fishes
  5. The Lesser Beauty
  6. Post Office Bomb
  7. Twenty Seconds
  8. That Strange Flower
  9. Strike Another Match
  10. Birds Don't Know...
  11. Song Of Songs
  12. Swollen River
  13. Mona Vs. The Argentine
  14. Joseph Of Arimathea
  15. Crimson Spider

"Four Stars. Mk Ultra has everything it takes to be a great British new wave/punk band: power pop harmonies, a neat bag of experimental studio tricks, smart lyrics, and short songs." (The Aquarian)



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CD US$12

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