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John Vanderslice

Mgm Endings
artichoke004: John Vanderslice / Mgm Endings
artichoke004   CD Tiny Telephone   February 2004
  1. August
  2. Bushnell Scope
  3. Field Guide
  4. Lifeboat
  5. Second Skin
  6. Behold A Pale Horse
  7. Winter Light
  8. Requiem
  9. Bomb In Reverse
  10. Life And Life Only
  11. Motel Of Lost Companions
  12. They Won't Let Me Run, Pt. 2

Limited edition CD with songs from Cellar Door, remixed, tweaked and enhanced by Scott Solter and JV.



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CD US$10


bark66: John Vanderslice / Emerald City
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