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John Vanderslice

Suddenly It All Went Dark: Pixel Revolt Live to 2-Track
artichoke005: John Vanderslice / Suddenly It All Went Dark: Pixel Revolt Live To 2-Track
artichoke005   CD Tiny Telephone   April 2006
  1. Trance Manual
  2. Angela
  3. Peacocks In The Video Rain
  4. Crc 7173, Affectionately
  5. Dear Sarah Shu
  6. Dead Slate Pacific
  7. Farewell Transmission
  8. Letter To The East Coast
  9. Plymouth Rock
  10. Exodus Damage
  11. Radiant With Terror
  12. New Zealand Pines

Twelve tracks from Pixel Revolt done with nothing but acoustic guitar and JV's voice, recorded live in a chicken coop in California. Intimate and intense. Limited edition pressing, packaged in a numbered slipcase sleeve.



Due to reports of ongoing postal slowness in some areas and the usual seasonal delays, we cannot guarantee shipments will be delivered by December 24 for US orders placed after December 4, or for any international orders placed after November 20. Our warehouse will be closed from December 16 through January 3. We appreciate your patience.

CD US$10


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