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Travis Morrison

Cruisin' (All Night Long)
bfr002: Travis Morrison / Cruisin' (All Night Long)
  1. Cruisin' (All Night Long)
  2. Henrietta

Tunes once lost are now found. At the end of Travis Morrison’s tenure with The Hellfighters, the quintet laid down three of their best tracks and promptly broke up before releasing them. Bad Friend got a hold of them and is finally giving them a proper home, digitally and on a limited vinyl pressing. Featuring Morrison’s signature lyrical wit, Cruisin’ follows queer cops through tumultuous exploits as they search for social refuge. Nuanced humor balances more socially-conscious themes than Morrison typically explored with his previous band, The Dismemberment Plan. The mellow groove fluidly combines guitar solos, synths, and auxiliary percussion with a laid-back confidence that avoids melodrama despite the weightier narrative.


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