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fg01: Tracker / Ames
fg01   CD FILMguerrero   September 2001
  1. Amboy, Ca.
  2. Evan's Getting It Together
  3. Misinstructed
  4. Waiting For Food
  5. Standing In The Leak (Sleeping In The Flowers)
  6. We Don't Need To Speak
  7. Liquored (In The Baker)
  8. The Telephone
  9. Ames
  10. The Man Who Never Left His Apartment
  11. Drinker
  12. Hotel Prague
  13. The Road Is Sticking

Ames is the first release to come from Portland, Oregon based Tracker. Desert highway narratives, folk tales from the front yard, and loose guitar lo-fi for the super-8 movie, Ames is the soundtrack following the travels of one man alone as he drives. Recorded at Type Foundry Recording in Portland, John Askew pushes record on the 16-track reel to reel, documenting passing landscapes and empty motels: headphone core for the analog. Somewhere at the kitchen table with Grandaddy, Sparklehorse and Camper Van Beethoven, Tracker films the lone roadway, the solitude expanse. Tracker is: driving.



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CD US$12

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