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Kind Of Like Spitting

You Secretly Want Me Dead
jb017: Kind Of Like Spitting / You Secretly Want Me Dead
jb017   CD Jealous Butcher   January 2001
  1. Who Cares How Much
  2. Catch The Redeye Out Of Girlfriend Land
  3. Your Favorite Actor
  4. We Got As Far As Minnesota
  5. Do You Need Him Here To Say (Elsa)
  6. Happy?
  7. Maybe We Should Get Married
  8. A Thought From The Kitchen Floor
  9. Motor Boat
  10. Please Don't Sweat The Afterlife
  11. Slow Me Down
  12. Something In The Air
  13. Please Don't Let It End Like This
  14. I've Realized That Things Aren't Really Good Or Bad, At Least It's Better To Avoid Looking At It That Way...
  15. Staring At Your Toy Collection
  16. Afraid Of Crushes

More beautiful sad songs from Kind Of Like Spitting. This newly remastered cd has three extra tracks on it, including an early version of "Afraid Of Crushes".



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CD US$12


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