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Kind Of Like Spitting

Old Moon in the Arms of the New
jb034: Kind Of Like Spitting / Old Moon In The Arms Of The New
  1. Old Moon, Meet New
  2. Boy Crys Wolf
  3. Two Violins, Which Are Meant To Represent The Forest
  4. Tyco Racing Set And A Christmas Story 15 Times
  5. Dostoyevski Gets Mugged Outside A Donut Shop In Jersey
  6. On The Subject Of Her New Gold Star
  7. Young Fiction Writer
  8. I Know You Heard Me The First Time
  9. 43c
  10. Timber

With songs ranging from quiet laments to acoustic pop tunes to all-out rock, Kind Of Like Spitting shines once again on this Jealous Butcher release. Vinyl only.


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bark27: Kind Of Like Spitting / Bridges Worth Burning
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