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Wedding Dress

Desperate Glow
lov79   LP / CD Lovitt Records   November 2014
  1. Heirlooms
  2. Holy Water
  3. Soldiers Jawline
  4. Frail Flakes
  5. Firework Smoke
  6. The Warp And The Weft
  7. New Mountain Sun
  8. Offerings
  9. Bejeweled
  10. Morbid Men
  11. Somewhere Darker

Made up of various members of Maps & Atlases, Suns, Joan of Arc and Gypsy Blood, Wedding Dress are about as Chicago as it gets. Dreamt up as side-project / outlet for Maps & Atlases guitar player Erin Elders, songs were written between tours and slowly released during his "math-pop" band's fleeting downtime. Wedding Dress is a distinctly different type of band. It is more layered, plaintive and measured than anything in Elders' previous catalog. The songs involve patient, textured narratives. The instrumentation is restrained, a well-tuned hybrid of real and virtual instruments. "Even though we knew we were making a 'bedroom' record, we didn't want to think about it within the frame of acoustic guitars to a 4-track," offers Elders. "When arranging 'Holy water,' I tried thinking about it in the way that an electronic artist might: how to use or reject repetition. We experimented with some midi string sounds and that led to one of the big cornerstones of the album — the relationship between acoustic sounds and electronic sounds." The songs themselves are beautiful in their sparseness, the palate is selectively lush, and the rotating set of players — both recorded and live — patiently flesh out Elders' haunting vocals and evocative lyrics.



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